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At Puffin Learning Academy, we are committed to providing a child care center where each child receives a unique educational experience to build their strong character and mind. We strive to create an inclusive learning center environment that is warm, nurturing, safe, challenging, and creative to help children reach their full potential.

At Puffin Learning Academy our aspiration is for all children to grow up competent, confident, and responsible learners, making valued contribution to society.

Early childhood is a period of remarkable growth, and enriched learning experience makes a profound difference. Research demonstrates that young children learn best through active, engaged, meaningful learning in an early education programs like day care, preschool, and after school program, with enriched comprehensive curriculum and developmentally appropriate practices.

Our program utilizes variety of teaching methods grounded in research, and children are provided with opportunities to acquire and master concepts in formal and informal learning environments.

Informal learning environment encourages spontaneous play where children engage in activities based on their interests. Play activities include teamwork, investigations, construction, dramatic and interactive play. 




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